Gutmann and Middleton Valuations, Inc. is a real estate appraisal and consulting firm providing a broad range of real estate valuation services. The company was formed in March 1985 with a staff of three appraisers and has grown to one of the largest valuation and consulting firms in the area.

The principals of the firm have over ninety (90) years of combined real estate appraisal experience. Full time appraisers include an MAI and six SRA professionally designated appraiser members of the Appraisal Institute. This organization has the highest standards and ethical requirements for membership in the industry.

The professional staff is fully licensed/certified in the State of Ohio and now includes 10 appraisers plus competent support and office personnel. An ongoing program of continuing education as well as in-house training makes our appraisers some of the best trained in the area.

The appraisal activities of Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc. include all types of residential, commercial and industrial real estate. We can satisfy your appraisal needs in most areas of Southwest Ohio and our national network of appraisers allows us to meet your needs outside of the area.

Our reports are produced to the highest standards in the industry. Our office operations are internally networked and provide online processing and accounting functions. We are continually researching new improvements in an effort to provide our clients with the highest quality appraisal product available.

Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc. is qualified and equipped to provide appraisal services for a broad range of client needs required in the decision process involving real property. Our record of performance has established Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc. as a respected professional firm with a reputation for credibility, consistency and high ethical standards.

The Professional Appraiser and The Appraisal Institute.

At Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc. we are committed to a high level of professionalism with educated and experienced appraisers. All appraisers with our firm are certified or licensed with the State of Ohio (except apprentice/trainees) and are included in the National Registry, a requirement for Federal lending transactions.

Federal and state certification and licensing went into effect in the early 1990’s. With this change in legislation, the consumer had a better “yardstick” to use in the appraiser selection process. Appraisers in this program are required to complete formal appraisal education and submit specific appraisal experience in order to receive a certification or license. The education and experience requirements vary with the level of certification and licensing. General and residential certification are the highest levels in Ohio and all other states with residential licensing the next highest level.

Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc. employs a staff of eleven professional appraisers including one with the general certification, four with the residential certification and four with residential licenses supported by an experienced office staff and a network computerized office management system.

However, at Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc. we take this professionalism to a higher level, in fact to the highest level recognized in the appraisal industry. This highest level is membership in the Appraisal Institute. Most of our staff are designated or associate members of this organization. Serving an international membership of more than 18,000, the Appraisal Institute encourages real estate appraisers to earn its professional designations and promote competent and reliable services to the owning public.

The Appraisal Institute has members who hold general and residential designations. The MAI designation is held by appraisers who are experienced in the valuation of commercial, industrial, residential and other types of properties and who advise clients on real estate investment decisions. The SRA designation is held by appraisers who are experienced in the valuation of all types of residential properties and income properties up to and including four units. Each of the owners of Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc. holds a professional designation from the Appraisal Institute and four of our management and appraisal staff also hold designations for this organization.

In addition to membership in the Appraisal Institute, our staff is involved in the leadership of this organization as officers, directors and/or committee members on the local Cardinal Chapter level, the regional level and the national level. As a company we are committed to the advancement and growth of the Appraisal Institute and the appraisal profession.

Why Can't I Sell This Listing?

By Robert P. Gutmann, SRA

Every month in the Sales Summary of the monthly publication, The Dayton Area Realtor, the data in this report indicates the number of listings that are not sold and/or re-listed. Most experts agree that the number one reason for the lack of a sale is the price. Now there is assistance in setting the price right - a listing appraisal.

The market research completed and included in the presentation by the agent to the potential listing client, the homeowner, is very extensive. However many times these homeowners see the agent’s data as being self serving. By having the home appraised by a professional appraiser, you are utilizing the services of an unbiased third party to assist in the proper pricing of the home. There are numerous reasons for the use of an appraisal in this process.

As stated above, the appraiser is a third party to the listing and receives no compensation based on the sale of the home. The estimated market value is an additional tool in the listing process and not contingent on the sale. By using an appraisal in this process and assisting the agent in establishing the list price, the homeowner can be assured the list price is accurate and will give the home the maximum exposure on the market.

Another primary reason for the use of an appraisal is to bring the homeowner “back to reality”, if there is an inflated opinion of value by the homeowner. We have all heard the expression “a man’s home is his castle”. An appraisal can be used to assist the agent in setting a realistic list price when dealing with an unrealistic homeowner.

We have all walked through homes that just are not appealing. Sometimes this is due to the dated decor or the decorating is personalized to the homeowner’s taste and it is generally not acceptable to potential buyers. The appraiser can address these concerns in the report, suggesting ways to improve the overall appearance and marketability and take some of this pressure for these suggestions off the shoulders of the agent.

Performing an appraisal for a listing involves more than an appraisal for a bank loan. As an agent, you would be uncomfortable listing a home in an unfamiliar area, the appraiser should have good knowledge of the market area where the home is located. This type of appraisal is used to estimate market value and requires a deeper knowledge of the supply and demand factors at work in the area and must take into consideration the effects the pricing and marketing times of the listings in competition with the subject property. A final consideration is the anticipated marketing time expected in order to achieve the best price in a reasonable period of time. Most listing agreements start with a 90 day contract period and it just makes good sense for all parties involved to price the home fairly for a sale within this first listing period.

As an added bonus for the potential buyer, there is an opportunity for a reduced fee at the time of the loan process for the buyer. Since some of the preliminary work as been completed, the loan closing appraisal fee can be discounted and the final report can be completed and back to the lender in a much shorter period of time.

Don’t be in a position where you are asking yourself “Why can’t I sell this listing”? Call a professional appraiser at the beginning of the process and use the listing appraisal as an additional tool in setting the right price.


Robert P. Gutmann is an SRA designated appraiser and a State of Ohio Residential Certified appraiser. He is the President and Managing Officer of Gutmann & Middleton Valuations, Inc., a Dayton based real estate valuation and consulting firm and has been active in the appraisal profession for over 34 years.